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Ushers will be very important as we start a new church in a new place!  As an usher, you will help people feel welcome and safe.  You will count the people, guide them to their seats, help them find the resources that they need, and remind them about their mask.  You will answer questions and make sure all the people stay within the Auditorium area and do not wander in the Library area.  You will keep an eye out for needs and do your best to meet the needs wherever possible.  We would like to build a list of ushers and enlist a coordinator so that ushers can rotate.  Please arrive at least one half hour before your designated service to begin your usher responsibilities.


Liturgists lead in the worship services by reading the liturgy.  Scripts are provided for advance study.  They are color-coded so that you know what parts you are responsible for reading.

Coffee Fellowship Facilitators

Coffee Fellowship Facilitators will provide coffee for the time between services while maintaining a safe experience for everyone.  We will provide three pump pots, 2 for caffeine and one for no caffeine that will be brought full of pre-made hot coffee.

Setup Volunteers

We would like to distribute the setup so that no one person or family is bringing a ton of things back and forth.  We would like to have one person or family in charge of hymnals, one person or family in charge of a couple of tables, one person or family in charge of a banner or banners, one person or family in charge of the paraments, one person or family in charge of flowers, etc.

If you see something that you feel you would like to be responsible for, please let us know!  Setup begins each Sunday at 8:30 AM.  We must be out of the auditorium before noon. 

Audio and Video Technicians

We are trying to keep things simple when it comes to sound and video.  Those who help will not need great technical expertise.  We will train you.  We will need one person per service to help monitor sound levels.  We will need two people per service to operate cameras.


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